The Starkillers Cycle

From my old blog/Von meinem alten Blog  |  11/30/2014


Hey Guys,

how are you? I’ve got exciting news! Have you already heard of „The Starkillers Cycle“? No?! Then you’re missing out on something huge!

I’ve just recently discovered this epic story by Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard and I’ve fallen in love with it immediately! Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard are writing this story together and are publishing it chapter by chapter on their homepage for FREE. Right now there are 16 chapters avaiable and fortunately more to come soon :-)! Seriously, I can’t wait! It is soo good and I’ve finished the 16th chapter today, so I need more!

The story is set in a whole new universe with several habitable planets, which is such a good idea. Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different person. Until now there are five different characters with Mel and Daphne being the main characters. I do like them both a lot, but I think, I like Daphne even more ;-)! But they are all really interesting and I’d love to get to know more of all of them.

This is what Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard write themselves about their story:

„Perfect for fans of epic sci-fi and steamy romance, THE STARKILLERS CYCLE is a serialized space opera set in a diverse and cutthroat galaxy. From an escaped convict with blood on her hands to a society girl turned fighter pilot, follow a sweeping cast of characters as they learn the galaxy is a far bigger—and more terrifying—place than they ever imagined.“

This sounds extremely good to you, too? Then why are you still reading this? There is way more important stuff to read: The Starkillers Cycle!

I hope, you guys love it just as much as I do! Thanks a lot for reading and have a lot of fun reading The Starkillers Cycle!

Yours, Kim

PD. Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard: Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us! I absolutely love it!


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