{Review} The DUFF – Kody Kepplinger

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“Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper is smart, cynical, loyal – and well aware that she’s not the hot one in her group of friends. But when high-school jock and all round moron Wesley Rush tells her she’s a DUFF – a Designated, Ugly Fat Friend – Bianca does not see the funny side. She may not be a beauty but she’d never stoop so low as to go anywhere near the likes of Wesley …Or would she? Bianca is about to find out that attraction defies looks and that sometimes your sworn enemies can become your best friends …”


Title: The DUFF

Author: Kody Keplinger

Publishing Company: Hachette Children’s Books

Number of Pages:  300

ISBN-13: 978-1444927986

Language: English

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Teens & YA

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Style of Writing

Kody Keplinger’s style of writing fits the tone of the story perfectly. It is a story about teens and that reflects in her writing. Her style of writing is amazingly special and very fluent to read. Her emotions seem to flow off the pages, so expect to have A LOT of feelings, tears included!


Bianca is a very confident and self-assured girl until Wesley comes around and calls her a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). She starts to question herself and in addition has quite a few problems to deal with at home. I could connect to her from the beginning and liked her a lot. She’s a very strong personality.

Wesley is the man-slut of Hamilton High who sleeps with every girl who is willing to do. He knows that he is hot and highly coveted which makes him slightly arrogant, as well. Besides all those negative features I could see why all the girls fall for him. Also, one gets to know him more personally during the story which helps to understand him better.

Casey and Jessica are Bianca’s best friends. They are adorable and together they make a great trio.


Wow, I don’t even know where to start! This book is just perfect, especially if you fall for good love stories as much as I do! I didn’t even have a lot of expectations beforehand, though I thought this would be a nice story. I guess I was wrong. “The DUFF” is so much more than that!

When I first started I thought this would be a very easy read and I barely expected more than a good love story. Soon I was proven wrong and more importantly hooked. I simply couldn’t put this book away and almost read it in one sitting.

“The DUFF” is not only dealing with having the first crush in High School, but also way more serious topics such as your parents getting divorced or your father having been an alcoholic. In addition it deals with the question whether you need to be perfect or pretty – questions a lot of teens have to deal with while growing up.There’s been so much more thoughtfulness in this book than I’d ever expected.

“The DUFF” is a very unique story with unique characters. I loved Bianca, because she wasn’t that cliché girl you would expect. She is a very strong personality and doesn’t always react like everyone else would do.  Wesley simply is hot as hell and I guess I couldn’t resist him either. I love how both of them interact. It’s so refreshing.

And then all the feelings! I’ve loved each romantic scene and towards the end I had tears in my eyes more than once. Kody Keplinger is able to let you feel all the feelings Bianca has and puts you right into Bianca’s world with her perfectly fitting style of writing.


“The DUFF” is such a thoughtful and romantic love story. I highly recommend you to read it to not miss out on those great feelings!


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