What I’ve been up to… (Including Harry Potter Studios and YALC)

I know I’ve been super absent these past few months… but there’s a reason why, or rather lots of reasons.

University and Moving

First of all, university has been insane. It’s (been) my last year of university and I had to pass some important exams (which I fortunately did). Especially while writing my bachelor thesis during the last few months, I just haven’t had the time to blog. I only read two books in June and none (!) in July and I can’t say I’m happy about that, but I finally handed in my bachelor thesis last week, which was such a huge relief.

Besides uni, I had to pack and move and organize heaps of things. The reason is that I’m moving to Munich at the end of this month. I’m super excited and I can’t wait to start an apprenticeship at the German publisher dtv in September (who happens to publish my favourite series in the world: Throne of Glass). I’m just so glad I decided to start over after finishing my studies, because I just wasn’t happy with it. I did want to finish my studies, but I didn’t want to work as a Geophysicist forever. My heart belongs with the books, so I’m super grateful that dtv is giving me a chance to get into the publishing industry.

Harry Potter Studios and YALC in London

Onto more bookish topics! Last week I’ve been to London where I met my bestie Shanna. I visited the Harry Potter Studios on Thursday for the first time and I was amazed by it. It was so, so cool, I wish I could’ve just stayed there forever. See for yourself:




Shanna and I in the Ministry of Magic! (Yes, you do look like that after being flushed ;-))


Then from Friday to Sunday I attended the YA Literature Convention (YALC) which was part of the Film and Comic Con London. Shanna and I met some bloggers at a Pre-YALC Meet Up on Thursday, organized by Karen. It was so good to meet fellow book lovers beforehand and we pretty much stayed together during the whole weekend. Guys, YALC was SO MUCH FUN! I had the best time meeting amazing authors, bloggers, publishers and book lovers. The panels were super awesome and even though I didn’t do a workshop, I thought it was such a great option for writers, too. Even though some signing queues were massive, I got all my books signed and except for Maggie Stiefvater’s signing none of the signings were limited to just a few books. It’s been such an amazing weekened and I really want to go again next year! Thanks everyone for the awesome time!


I met Victoria E. Schwab (above) and Alwyn Hamilton (below) on Saturday. Both are super lovely and I’m more than happy that I had the chance to meet them at YALC.



On Sunday I met the amazing Maggie Stiefvater. Her panel was hilarious!


When I first started writing this post, I was super enthusiastic about getting back into blogging.  But then I realized that I’d rather blog a little less, and read and write instead. The thing is that I don’t manage to do everything at once. I usually don’t have any time left to write, when I’m reading and blogging at the same time. Therefore I decided to blog less and try to get back into writing instead. Occationally, you’ll find a new post on my blog, but there might be none for a while, as well. If you follow me on Twitter (@DreamingLibrary), you’ll always know when there are new posts, though.

Until then!

xx Kim



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